UMS’s organization management has committed itself to placing the emphasis on human resources development, by taking into consideration that human resources are the most valuable asset of the organization, and the most important factor in ensuring the Company’s long-term consistent success to be sustainable.
At present, UMS has continuously been developing its human resources, in various forms, in terms of management ability, operational ability and ethics, by providing them with in-house training, professional training, seminar & workshop, rotating them on different duties, and in small working groups.
     In addition, UMS has also introduced the information system to be used in personnel administration and by using the competency-based and performance-based principles for determining the remuneration payments for the purpose of fairness among the employees, and building motivation to encourage them to continue creating their outstanding performance. UMS realizes that the presence of human resources that are knowledgeable, competent and ethical, is the foundation of a sustainable development and can help further create new innovation well for the Company, customers and society as a whole without ending.

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