March 1994  

The Company had been founded by Unique Gas & Petrochemicals Public Company Limited (UGP) and Mr. Somboon Siripaiboonpong with the initial registered share capital at 1 million baht.

January 2004  

The Company had transformed to be Public Company Limited and increased registered share capital from 50 million baht to 70 million baht. The Company common shares were firstly traded in MAI Stock Exchange on July 16, 2004.

December 2010  

The Company became part of Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited group (TTA), by Athene Holding Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TTA has proposed tender offer for 136,083,041 common shares, equivalent to 89.55% of total distributed shares and 56,453,219 warrents, equivalent to 37.41% of total distributed shares.